Planting Bare Root Shrubs

Be sure the roots of shrubs that are sold bare root stay moist until planting time. Then just prior to planting unwrap them and soak them in a pail of lukewarm water for an hour or two. Adding some plant tonic to the water is not essential, but it helps to fortify the plant against transplant shock. Clip off any broken, crossed or obviously dead roots.
Bare root shrubs require a mound of packed soil at the bottom of the hole. Make it high enough to support the bare roots so that the shrub crown, the place where the roots join the main stem, is positioned at, or slightly above, the surface of the surrounding soil. Set the shrub over this mound so its roots lie down its sides naturally. In cases such as tea roses where the shrub is grafted, position the graft slightly above the soil line, unless instructions that come with the plant dictate otherwise.

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