Planting Deadnettle

The Right Place
Spotted deadnettle is grown as far north as the Great Lakes, into New York state and southern New England (zone 4). Its roots are hardy to -20° F, but plants experiencing those temperatures will lose leaves over the winter.

Spotted deadnettle prefers partial to full shade, although it can handle sun if its soil is dependably moist. It is most successful in rich soil of almost any type.

Planting Nursery Stock
Plant nursery grown seedlings in the spring when all danger of frost is past and the soil is easily worked. Loosen the soil with a trowel down 6 or 8 inches at least. Break up large clumps of soil and remove stones and other garden debris. Dig holes for each seedling that are as deep and wide as the containers they are in. Remove the plants from the containers and set them in the holes, checking to be sure that they are at the same depth in the soil that they were in their containers. Firm the soil gently around the plant stems and water generously. Do not let them dry out while they are adjusting to their new location. Plant seedlings 6 to 8 inches apart, or a bit closer to encourage them to fill and cover the soil faster.

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