Planting Dogwood

Because dogwoods in both the wild and residential landscapes have been plagued with a fungal disease in recent years, where they are located in the landscape is critical. Dogwood foliage needs at least 6 hours of sun a day, yet their roots prefer moist woodland conditions. In the best of circumstances they want that sun in morning rather in the heat of the afternoon. Try to replicate their native habitat in eastern woodlands where their location in the open at the very edge of the forest gets them the best of both worlds; sun in morning and woodsy soil. They prefer well-drained, moist, slightly acid soil with plenty of organic matter. It is the organic content that is critical. If the soil in your yard is compacted and lacks organic matter, add some peat moss, compost or chopped leaves from your mulching lawnmower to the soil in the area where you plant dogwoods and then keep the tree mulched religiously at all times. For more information see the file on Planting A Tree

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