Planting Hardy Geranium

Bloodred cranesbill is able to handle winters as far north as the Great Lakes, northern New York state and into the coastal areas of New England (zone 4). It can survive winters where temperatures occasionally dip to -20°F or lower.

Locating and Planting
Cranesbills in general do nicely in either sun, partial sun or partial shade. Usually they need some shade afternoons in areas with very hot summers. However, bloodred cranesbill thrives in the sun everywhere. Plant seedlings in ordinary, well-drained soil in the spring or fall. Choose an overcast day or wait until late in the day so the sun will not stress the newly transplanted seedlings. Loosen the soil with a trowel down at least 6 or 8 inches, removing garden debris and stones, then smooth it level for planting. Remove seedlings from their containers (unless they are peat) and dig holes that are just deep enough and wide enough to accomodate the roots and soilball. Set the plants in their holes, and gently firm the soil around their stems. Be sure they are no deeper in the ground than they were previously in their containers. Water daily until plants are established.

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