Planting Japanese Euonymus

The Right Place
A southern shrub, evergreen euonymus is hardy only as far north as mid-Texas, into Arkansas and Tennessee and up the Atlantic coast to Delaware (zone 7). It is not able to withstand winter temperatures much below 10° F.
Evergreen Euonymus does well in practically any soil, as long as it's moderately acid to neutral (pH 6.0 to 7.5) and well drained. It thrives in any location, full sun to partial shade.

Planting Nursery Stock
Plant in the spring or fall, although fall is preferable. Dig a hole wide enough to accommodate the root system of the shrub when it is removed from its container or wrappings. Take care not to set plants deeper in the hole than they were in the nursery, to avoid problems with crown rot. Depending on the size of the plant, the best planting depth ranges from 15 inches to 3 feet. Plant them 2-1/2 feet apart for a hedge.
For more information see file on Planting Shrubs.

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