Planting Winged Euonymus

Hardiness - One of the hardiest of the euonymus shrubs, winged euonymus thrives as far north as the Canadian border (zone 3). It is able to withstand winter temperatures as low as -30F.
Winged euonymus isn't fussy about soil, as long as it's moderately acid to neutral (pH 6.0 to 7.0) and well drained. This shrub grows well in either full sun or moderate shade. Plant them in either spring or fall, preferably fall. Dig a hole wide enough to accomodate the root system of the plant. Remove the shrub from its container or its wrappings and gently spread its roots out. Take care not to set plants deeper in the hole than they were in the nursery, to avoid problems with crown rot. The best planting depth is 1 to 1 feet.

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