Poison Trees, Shrubs, and Vines

Poison Trees, Shrubs, and Vines
Azalea (Rhododendron)All partsNausea, vomiting, weakness, dizziness, difficulty breathing, loss of balance.
Bittersweet (false)All parts-
Black Locust TreeBark, sprouts, foliageChildren have suffered nausea, weakness and depression after chewing the bark and seeds.
Buck ThornLeaves, FruitIntestinal
Buckeye (Horse-chestnut)Leaves, branches, flowers, fruit, young sprouts, seedsNervous system, inflammation of mucus membranes
Cherries; Wild and cultivatedTwigs, foliageFatal. Contains a compound that releases cyanide when eaten. Gasping, excitement and prostration are common symptoms.
ChinaberryLeaves and fruitGastric, intestinal, paralysis, respiratory
ChokecherryLeaves and pits-
ClematisSeed and young plantsGastric, nervous system, depression
Daphne ShrubBerriesFatal. A few berries can kill a child.
ElderberryAll parts, especially rootsChildren have been poisoned by using pieces of the pithy stems for blowguns. Nausea and digestive upset.
English ivyLeaves and berriesNervous system, respiratory
Golden Chain TreeBean-like capsules in which the seeds are suspendedSevere poisoning. Excitement, staggering, convulsions and coma. May be fatal.
Holly (Yaupon)BerriesGastric, intestinal
HydrangeaLeaves, budsGastic, intestinal,
JasmineBerriesFatal. Digestive disturbance and nervous symptoms.
Lantana Camara (Red Sage)Green berriesFatal. Affects lungs, kidneys, heart and nervous system. Grows in the southern U.S. And in moderate climates.
LaurelsAll partsFatal. Produces nausea and vomiting, depression, difficult breathing, prostration and coma.
Mountain laurelLeaves, twigs, flowersGastric, paralysis, convulsion
OaksFoliage, acornsAffects kidneys gradually. Symptoms appear only after several days or weeks. Takes a large amount for poisoning.
Wisteria VineSeeds, podsMild to severe digestive upset. Many children are poisoned by this plant.
YewBerries, foliageFatal. Foliage more toxic than berries. Death is usually sudden without warning symptoms.