Portable Greenhouses

A portable greenhouse is a fairly small greenhouse usually made of plastic.  All the products we show here are large enough to walk into; anything smaller doesn't really help the vegetable and flower gardener very much.  A portable greenhouse is not usually used through the winter because heating would be so expensive.  It is most used in the early spring to start seedlings and to harden off outside container plants that have been languishing in the garage all winter.  This greenhouse is particular handy in late spring and early summer for starting seedlings when the garden centers have none to offer.  Many of these greenhouses are taken down in late fall and stored until spring. 

Gardman R688 Walk-In Greenhouse

by Gardman

  • Construct a temporary greenhouse right in your own backyard
  • Polycarbonate glazing much safer than glass, providing safety to your kids and pets
  • Galvanized steel and aluminum frame is coated after drilling
  • Easy to assemble or take down within minutes
  • Measures 49 x 75 x 75 inches ( 4 x 6.25 x 6.25 ft); weighs 18.2 pounds
Want a greenhouse in your backyard, but you don't think you have enough room? Or you do have the room, but you don't want a bulky greenhouse resting on your lawn during the offseason? The Gardman Walk-In Greenhouse allows you to erect a walk-in greenhouse in your yard in just a few minutes. When your plants have sprouted and been transplanted to the garden, or when growing season is over, the Walk-In Greenhouse comes down just as easily as it went up.

Made using innovative polycarbonate glazing that is safer than glass, offering no danger to your children or pets, the twin-wall design insulates and diffuses light to prevent your most delicate plants from scorching. The galvanized steel and aluminum frame is coated after drilling to leave no edges untreated. The steel base bolts securely to form a stable, level foundation, and the thick metal gives you 5 extra inches of headroom.

Everything you need to form the perfect haven for your plants is included, and easy assembly takes just a few minutes. Guy wires and pegs are included to provide extra stability. Tiered stands are sold separately. The Walk-In Greenhouse measures 49 x 75 x 75 inches and weighs 18.2 pounds.

Extend your growing season with a Gardman Complete Walk-In Greenhouse Kit. A greenhouse offers the plant enthusiast the advantage of earlier blooms and crops. Its controlled environment will allow your plants to thrive in a more even temperature and is perfect for cheating the weather. This kit includes everything needed to construct a walk-in greenhouse. The innovative polycarbonate glazing is safer than glass, offering no danger to children or pets. The glazing's twin-wall design is excellent for insulating and diffuses light to prevent scorching of young and delicate plants. The galvanized steel frame and aluminum frame are coated after drilling to leave no untreated edges behind. The steel base bolts together securely to form a stable, level foundation, while its thick metal creates five extra inches of head room. The Gardman Complete Walk-In Greenhouse will form the perfect safe haven for your plants. Install this greenhouse on a level surface to ensure proper assembly.

Flower House FHPH155CL PlantHouse 2 Pop-Up Plant House, Clear

by Flower House

  • Quick and Easy Set up on Soil or Hard Surfaces in minutes
  • Protects your plants and extends your growing season.
  • Clear PVC material with UV protection for longer life.
  • Promotes and maintains high humidity levels to create a superior growing environment.
  • Open floor allows greenhouse to be setup over existing trees and bushes.

This portable, pop up greenhouse is perfect for extending your growing season and protecting your plants.The Unique Flowerhouse Pop Up design make Greenhouse set up the easiest it has ever been. Screened vent openings allow for optimum air circulation very important for the health of your plants. Closing the vents will promote and maintain high humidity levels desirable for a superior growing environment. The PVC material is UV resistant for longer life .Solar heat from the sun heats your greenhouse during the day while an electric heater is recommended at night and in cloudy or snowy conditions.Folds up easily into a compact storage carry bag for transport, setup and takedown have never been easier! Includes shade cover, stakes, high wind tie downs and free storage bag with sholder strap.

High Quality Portable Green House w/ Shelves

by GrowingGreen

  • High Quality green house 56"(L)x30"(W)x78"(H) (4.6 x 2.5 x 6.5 feet)
  • Transparent Plastic covering with grids threading
  • Zippered Door for Easy Access
  • 4 Ventilated Shelves Provides Air Flow and Allows water to Drain
  • Easy to assemble ( comes with instructions)

This is a High quality portable Green House. Great for starting you gardens. Easy Setup with shelves to put your small plants and flowers.


Taylor Precision Green Living Walk-In Greenhouse with Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer with Bonus Watering Station

by Taylor Precision

  • The Taylor Precision Green Living walk-in greenhouse is all you need for a self contained greenhouse
  • Roll-up door flap with ties for convenient and easy access
  • Comes with multi-pattern hose nozzle, 11-1/2-foot coiled copper hose connectors, watering station holder/organizer, and storage bag
  • Includes 5-wrap-around shelves, stay put spikes, thermometer, and hygrometer
  • Measures 74 by 47-1/5 by 74 inches (6.2 x 2.25  x 6.2 feet)

Taylor's greenliving Walk-In greenhouse is the right size for the more serious hobby gardener. When assembled, it measures 47.2 inches wide by 74 inches long by 74 inches high. 5 shelves wrap around the sides providing ample space to start all your plants in the Spring, plus a home for the more mature plants that need a little assistance or special attention. The "stay put spikes" provided, keep your greenhouse stable and secure. Taylor also gives you a Bonus thermometer and hygrometer to help you keep your greenhouse at the right temperature and humidity as well as a watering station. The watering station includes a multi spray pattern nozzle, 11-1/2-foot coil hose with copper connectors and an organizer to hold it all right INSIDE your greenhouse. It is all you need for a self contained greenhouse.

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