Power Force Brush Killer Plus by Bayer

Power Force Brush Killer Plus by Bayer

Bayer Advanced Garden™ Power Force™ Brush Killer Plus kills tough brush and vines, roots and all. This concentrated formula controls Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Blackberries, Kudzu and over 70 other hard to kill plants. Eliminating unsightly brush, vines, weeds, and stumps from your home’s landscape has never been easier.

This selective systemic herbicide enters plants through their leaves, green or cut woody shoots, and roots then moves throughout the plant and interferes with processes found only in plants. Visual symptoms, such as wilting and yellowing, appear in 1 to 6 weeks. The special penetrating formula kills down to the roots.

To Kill Poison Ivy or Poison Oak
Contact with Poison Ivy or Poison Oak anytime of the year can cause an allergic reaction. Handle dead plants with rubber gloves. Dispose of plants and gloves in tightly sealed garbage bags.

To Kill Stumps
Completely cover freshly cut stump with undiluted full strength product using a paintbrush. Do not reuse the paintbrush for other uses.

Tough weeds controlled by Brush Killer Plus include:
Weeds Controlled By Brush Killer Plus
Canada ThistleChicoryChoke Cherry
CloverCurly DockDandelion
Field BindweedHenbitKudzu
Poison IvyPoison OakRagweed
Trumpet CreeperVetchVirginia Creeper
Wild GrapeWild RoseWillow
And others

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