Power Force Grass & Weed Killer by Bayer

Power Force Grass & Weed Killer by Bayer

This is a nonselective herbicide that enters plants through the leaves and moves down into the roots, killing weds by stopping the production of a substance found only in plants. Any product not absorbed by plants breaks down into natural material without moving into or on the soil to untreated plants. Weeds yellow and wilt within hours. The active ingredient is Glyphosate.

Not recommended for spot treating weeds in lawns because the product will kill the lawn grass as well. In the flower bed one tip is to use a sheet of cardboard or plastic to protect the desirable plants from contact with the product.

To Kill Vines
For vines growing up non-living objects such as poles and fences, or tree trunks with mature bark, cut the vines to a height of 3-4 feet and spray thoroughly.
For vines growing up shrubs or trees with green bark, cut the vines at their base and spray the stub thoroughly.

Weeds controlled by Power Force include:
Weeds Controlled by Power Force
BermudagrassBlackberryCanada Thistle
ChickweedCloverCommon Ragweed
PigweedPoison IvyPoison Oak
Prostate SpurgeSowthistleSpurge
And many others

For more information go to Bayer’s Consumer Web Site.

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