Preparing BEFORE The Drought Occurs

If your area has experienced drought at some time in the past five years, you are probably wise to assume that situation will occur again in the next few years. There are some routine yard care techniques that should normally be performed, but in a few instances those techniques are very important in preparing your plants for possible drought stress.

Use Organic Mulch On Everything
Throughout this website we encourage you to have a 2 to 3 inch layer of organic mulch on every plant on your property, especially the trees and shrubs. For details see the file Mulching The Yard

Best Watering Equipment For Normal Plant Care
If you wish to routinely water your trees and shrubs when they need it, the soaker hose is the best tool for doing that job. For details see the file Using Soaker Hose

Watering Properly
Regular and thorough watering thus is essential during dry periods. To water properly, know your soil: Light sandy soils require small amounts of water applied frequently, clay soils need much more water much less often and take much longer to absorb it. Remember that the younger the plant, the more vital it is to avoid moisture stress. For details see the files Watering the Lawn, Watering Shrubs, and Watering Trees.

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