Prevent Snake's Access

Prevent Snakes Access To The Yard
Have an outdoor pet – Families having dogs and or cats that spend a part of the day out-side in the yard tend to see fewer snakes than do families with no outdoor pets. It is not that the cat or the dog necessarily kill visiting snakes. More it is a function of the snakes’ preference to be some place where it is not bothered by pets or by people.
Reduce rodent population – By simply trapping the voles and mice on your property, you will go a long way to reducing any incidence of snake visits.
Eliminate hiding places – An effective measure for preventing access to snakes is good groundskeeping. Eliminate rock piles. Piles of junk should be removed to reduce the nesting and living areas of both rodents and snakes. No food for domestic pets should be allowed to remain on the ground. Cordwood should be stacked as far away from the house as possible.
Build a fence - If none of the above works, try a barrier or snake proof fence. This really should only be used if poison snakes are coming into your yard. A 1/4 inch mesh fence can be used to repel all snakes. Bury the fence six inches deep and 36 inches high. Place the posts on the inside of the fence so the snakes cannot climb the posts to gain entry. Keep the outside of the fence clear of tall plants and debris. Keep the grass mowed around the outside of the fence. Ani-mals do not like to cross open areas.

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