Propane Powered String Trimmer

Propane powered landscape tools are showing up more frequently in the marketplace.  Their manufacturers promote that facts that those tools are more powerful than electric and battery powered counterparts and are cleaner in the air than are the gas driven versions. They seem to be competitive price-wise.  

The downside that we have heard are that these propane powered tools tend to be on the heavy side and not very attractive to women.  The other problem is that the propane tanks are not refillable and must be recycled at a special place; not your garbage collector. 

Fiskars 6701 SmartPower 17-Inch 25.4cc 4-Cycle Propane Powered Straight Shaft String Trimmer, CARB Compliant

by Fiskars

  • Uses easy-to-install, 16.4-Ounce propane canisters - simply slide in the canister, attach the fuel connection knob and start
  • Simplified starting requires no priming or choking, and there's no risk of flooding the engine
  • Better for the environment than gasoline - sealed fuel system completely eliminates evaporative emissions and groundwater pollution from spills
  • On average, one propane canister outlasts one tank of gas or one battery charge on the leading competitive trimmers
  • Detachable shaft accepts trimmer attachments for multiple applications
The Smart Alternative to gasoline, battery and electric trimmers. Our SmartPower Propane Trimmer is set to change the way you maintain your yard with a combination of features other trimmers can't match. A propane-powered, 25 cc 4-cycle engine eliminates the hassles associated with gasoline trimmers - fueling is easy and mess-free, start-up is quick and simple, and maintenance is easier than ever before. Propane is much cleaner for the environment as well, greatly reducing exhaust emissions and completely eliminating evaporative emissions and soil and groundwater pollution. Easy Fueling and Starting - Slide in a 16.4-Ounce propane canister, attach fuel connection. knob and start. Eliminates mixing gasoline and oil, gasoline spills and winterization. No priming or choking, and no risk the engine will flood. Better for the Environment than Gasoline - Exceeds EPA emission standards for hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides by 65-Percent and carbon monoxide by nearly 75-Percent. Sealed fuel system eliminates evaporative hydrocarbon emissions and soil and groundwater pollution caused by gasoline spills. Superior Performance - Eliminates the restrictions, tangles and damage created by a cord and the frustrations of dead batteries and delays caused by battery charging. On average, delivers 40-Percent more power than leading electric trimmers and six times more power than leading battery trimmers. More power delivers a 17-Inch wide cut - up to 40-Percent wider than electric and up to 70-Percent wider than battery. Advanced Cutting System - CleanCut line reduces turbulence for cleaner, quieter, more efficient cutting. CleanCut line diameter and materials offer superior line strength and durability. Specifications: 4-cycle propane engine: 25.4 cc, full crank; Attachment-ready shaft accommodates standard trimmer attachments; Length: 67.7-Inch; Cut width: 17-Inch; CleanCut line diameter: 0.095-Inch; Dry weight: 13.1-Pound.


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