Protection from Snow




One of the serious problems for shrubs and small trees growing near the house is when an accumulation of snow on the roof all of a sudden lets go and you have an avalanche of heavy snow falling on those shrubs possibly breaking branches or even killing the plant.

There are a number of home-made devices that are used by yardeners to sit over a shrub or small tree and protect those plants from the snow cominf off the roof. The other approach is to remove the snow from the edge of the roof fairly often so there is no build up.  This will preve ice dams which can cause the roof to leak into the house and also reduces the chances of the destructive snow avalanche. 

Roof Rake


  • Won't damage shingles
  • 21-foot reach using 4 easy snap together sections
  • Prevents ice dams from forming
  • Removes weight from snow from your roof to prevent eave damage
  • Blade measures 24-inch x 7-inch
  • By far the best roof rake on the market with its exclusive, patented "Shingle Saver" rollers. This unique snow flake roller design is easier to use because the blade never touches the roof's surface, preventing damage while making it easier to roll back up the roof. By using the Garelick 89421 21-foot Snow Roof Rake to safely remove snow from roofs, homeowners can prevent the damage of much-publicized ice dams. Ice dams cause water to back up under shingles, ruining roofs, ceilings and walls. Removing snow also relieves unnecessary weight on the roof which can damage the eaves.


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