Pruning Saws


          Serious pruning often demands a pruning saw. Some styles look like miniature logging saws, while the standard is a curved blade saw. Usually a pruning saw can handle cuts up to 4 inches easily. Since the teeth on this style are curved back, the cutting action is on the pull, making it easier to do overhead work. The teeth on the pruning is more course than found on the carpenter’s saw. Variations on these styles include the pole saw (on a long pole for reaching high or inaccessible branches) and a bow saw for faster, smaller cuts than the standard saw.

Saws generally have ash or hickory grip handles. More important, are the blade and teeth. Only buy saws with tempered steel blades and individually beveled teeth to provide a cutting edge. Four to eight teeth per inch is standard; 4-6 teeth is good for green sap wood and 6-8 is best for hard or dry wood.

MAINTENANCE TIP - Resins and other materials will accumulate on the cutting edges of a pruning saw and you can hardly detect them. Professionals will always wipe their saw blades with oil after every pruning session. That will keep the resins from accumulating and causing the edges to be less effective.

Classic Pruning Saw

This is the most common design for an effective and easy to use pruning saw.

The Corona Clipper razor tooth pruning saw features a 13-inch curved blade designed for cleaner and faster cutting of medium to large branches, sawing through green or dry wood with ease. The curved design puts more teeth into the branch for faster cutting, giving you a 10-inch blade cut on the pull stroke. The blade is made of a tempered steel alloy to reduce friction and resist rust; the whetstone-ground, impulse-hardened razor teeth are sharpened on 3 sides to plane through wood twice as fast as conventional teeth. The pistol-grip handle with cushion covering is built for comfort and control.

Founded in the early 1920s, Corona Clipper, Inc. is a leader in the marketing and manufacturing of professional and consumer tools for the lawn and garden, landscape, irrigation, construction and agriculture markets. With a retail and distribution network that extends throughout the United States and Canada, Corona's proven designs, quality manufacturing processes and unparalleled customer service make it the best choice in tools for contractors, agricultural professionals and avid gardeners alike. Corona is the brand to trust for high quality landscape tools for the homeowner. Our products feature comfortable grips and innovative designs to make your gardening work easier. You can count on Corona to have the right tool for your outdoor project. Only Corona puts professional-grade quality into every tool we make. That's why nearly all of our products carry a lifetime warranty ensuring you'll have years of reliable service.


A good one from Fiskars

  • Conveniently designed saw ideal for aggressive cutting without binding
  • Comfortable hardwood handle with easy grip design
  • 10-inch patented woodzig blade
  • Easy-to-use push button lock for added safety
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The Fiskars 10-inch folding saw features a patented woodzig blade made from tough high carbon steel. The comfortable hardwood handle with easy grip design swings open and closed with an easy to use push button lock for added safety. Additionally, the woodzig blade was designed for less binding during aggressive cutting. The saw is backed with a limited lifetime warranty.



Fiskars 21-Inch Bow Saw 70296935A

by Fiskars

The Fiskars 21-inch bow saw features a lightweight, tubular steel frame, and the hardened steel blades provide a nice, clean cut. The safety tension lever forms a comfortable grip and also releases the blade when you want to change it. The Fiskars 21-inch bow saw also features a Lifetime Warranty. 21-inch replacement blades are also available from

BAHCO NORTH AMERICA 10-30-23 Ergo Grip Bow Saw 30"

by Bahco

  • 30" Ergo&tmreg.
  • Bow Saw With Strong Oval Tube Frame.
  • Epoxy Paint On Frame.
  • Hardened, Precision Sharpened Blade.
  • Comfort Grip With Knuckle Protector & Snap On Blade Protector.

30" Ergo&tmreg. Bow Saw With Strong Oval Tube Frame, Epoxy Paint On Frame, Hardened, Precision Sharpened Blade, Comfort Grip With Knuckle Protector & Snap On Blade Protector, Swedish Steel, All Around Saw For Gardeners, Farmers & Builders, Supercedes 9-30-23.


Black & Decker 30-Inch Bow Saw with Knuckle Guard BD1702

by Black & Decker

  • Heavy duty tubular steel frame
  • tempered double cut steel blade
  • Knuckle guard
  • Soft Comfort Grip
  • 5 year warranty

This Black & Decker 30 inch Bow Saw with Knuckle Guard is great for maintaining any landscape





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