Qualities To Consider

Regardless of your budget or the size of your job, look for these qualities in a sprayer:
· A model that is easy to take apart and clean or otherwise maintain.
· A tank, with a wide, large or funnel-type opening to make filling easy and spills less likely.
· A tank and pump made from corrosion-resistant materials.
· An adjustable, easy to hold spray wand that you are able to control with minimal effort.
· A reliable source for parts and service.

Durability and Environmental Impact

A good quality sprayer, either poly plastic or metal can be expected to outlast its owner and two or three generations more. If some of its minor parts wear out or break the manufacturers of quality sprayers provide replacements for them.
All sprayers are manufactured from metal or high-impact poly plastics that can be recycled when the sprayer has no value to the user. The materials used in the sprayers are often more dangerous to the environment than the sprays themselves. Please follow the recycling directions exactly as prescribed by the manufacturers of the materials used in the sprayers.

Safety and Ergonomics

All better sprayers have a safety valve if the compression becomes too great. Look for this feature. Make certain you follow the manufacturer’s directions on cleaning the sprayers so the safety valve remains in good working condition.
All quality, hand-carried sprayers have a carefully designed handles to allow you to comfortably carry the sprayer around your yard. Integrating the handle into the design prevents the development of back pain. Choose a backpack sprayer that is balanced so that its weight is properly distributed across your back and shoulders. Try it on for comfortable access to the pump handle and strap fasteners.

Ease Of Maintenance

Ease Of Maintenance and Availability Of Parts
Wheeled sprayers are more complex than hand sprayers. Look for brands and models that offer easy access to removable parts that you may have to replace over the years. Choose one that is easy to clean and store. Make certain your sprayer comes with directions on maintenance provided by the manufacturer at the time of purchase.
The manufacturers of quality sprayers make every effort to use components in their sprayers that can be replaced. These parts are either available through a dealer network or by the company that manufactured the sprayer.


Look for a sprayer that offers versatility so that you can use it for many spraying situations. Whether the spray nozzle is at the end of a wand or a plastic hand trigger, it should be adjustable so that you can alter the strength and form of the spray. Larger models should have long wands or one or two different length wands to enable you to reach the foliage on small trees.
Sprayers are effective for applying certain fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides, but a well-designed model can be used for other household and yard care tasks. While they can not be expected to function as power washers, larger capacity, wheeled models can help you water plants beyond the reach of the hose as well as wash fences, window screens, decks and building walls.

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