Safer Weed & Grass Killer


Safer Brand 5055 Fast Acting Weed & Grass Killer - 32-ounce Spray

by Safer

  • This effective weed killer will not move through soil or injure nearby plants, making it better for the environment than harsh man-made weed killers
  • The herbicidal action is rapid with effects visible in hours
  • A contact killer, herbicidal soap will kill any weeds or grass that you spray it on and only those plants
  • This product is non-selective and non-residual. Shield lawn grass and desired plants carefully to avoid damage
  • Safer Brand is the leader in alternative lawn and garden products
The Safer Brand fast acting weed and grass killer utilizes potassium salts of fatty acids which kills weeds and unwanted grasses in and around walks, fences, patios, driveways, flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, trees and shrubs.


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