Schultz Fungicide3®

Schultz Fungicide3®
A Neem Oil Product For Natural, Organic 3-in-one Insect/Mite/Fungus Control

It isn't always easy for gardeners to determine the nature of problems affecting their garden plants. Insects, mites and fungal diseases can often result in similar damage, and can even occur simultaneously, leading to confusion as to what products to recommend and use for treatment.

Now, gardeners can use one product to control all three of these common garden problems. Ready-to-spray Schultz Fungicide 3® is a neem oil spray that has been proven as an effective treatment for control of a broad spectrum of insects, mites and fungal diseases.

Many gardeners are beginning to practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies, using alternative, more environmentally friendly approaches to controlling lawn and garden pests and diseases. Neem oil is a widely-recommended component of IPM control for plant-damaging insects, mites and fungal diseases. Schultz® Fungicide3® ready-to-use neem oil spray kills most common pest insects and mites instantly, and actually discourages newcomers from feeding on treated plants. Plus, most insect pests don't develop resistance or immunity to Fungicide3® over time, as often occurs with many insecticides. Fungicide3® also effectively controls a wide range of common rose and garden fungal diseases, including powdery mildew, blackspot, rust, scab, leafspot and blight diseases.

Fungicide3® can be use around pets, birds and other animals, and won't affect beneficial predator insects that visit treated plants. And because neem oil is a natural botanical extract, it has been approved for use by certified organic growers.

Available in most independent garden centers.

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