Shore Juniper

Shore Juniper (Juniperus conferta)

This is a dense, bushy, procumbent evergreen shrub. It is a low ground cover or shrub especially adapted for planting on sand dunes at the seashore. The needles are soft but sharp-tipped. Shore juniper gets only about 12-18" tall, but can cover an area 10' across. The female cones are spherical, about a half inch in diameter, and silvery or bluish-black with a waxy glaucus bloom. The whole plant has a soft, feathery look to it.

Shore Juniper Choices:
Blue Pacifica is perhaps the most popular cultivar, having blue-green needles and a very dense, spreading, compact habit. It is among the most heat tolerant and fastest growing of the Shore Junipers. Compacta is even shorter (less than a foot tall) and more compact. Silver Mist is distinctively silvery. Emerald Sea is among the most cold-hardy; it has a looser, taller habit than the others, and is bright green.

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