Singleseed Juniper

Singleseed Juniper (Juniperus squamata)

Singleseed juniper is a decidedly bluish coniferous evergreen shrub or small tree. Like most junipers, the cultivars of Singleseed Juniper can be extremely variable. It can be a dwarf, decumbent, ascending or an erect shrub. Some cultivars can be trained as a small tree. Singleseed juniper has stringy exfoliating rusty brown bark that peels in thin flakes. It has distinctively nodding branch tips. The leaves are fine-textured evergreen needles. Their color is a distinctive silvery blue color.

Singleseed Juniper flowers are inconspicuous little cylindrical cones that appear in late May or early June. The sexes are in separate bushes so only a female shrub bears fruit. The fruits are fleshy glossy black berrylike cones about one-third inch long, ripening in their second year, and each containing a single seed.

Singleseed Juniper Choices:
Those of the Meyeri variety have white undersides. While this gives the shrub a striking light blue color, the needles have a tendency to stay on the shrub long after they have died and browned, giving it unattractive look. Blue Carpet makes a fine groundcover; it has bluish gray foliage and gets 8-12" tall while spreading out 4-5'. Prostrata has tan or pinkish tips on its needles, is 12 inches tall. Blue Star is an upright, rounded bush to 16" tall and 2' across. It is well suited to the rock garden or along a path.

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