Soil Thermometers

A soil thermometer is an essential tool for the vegetable gardener.  The time to plant seeds and to put out seedlings of the various vegetables and herbs is controlled not by air temperature, but rather by soil temperature. GO TO YARDENER'S HELPER FOR INFORMATION ABOUT WHEN YOU NEED A SOIL THERMOMETER, CLICK HERE


Soil Thermometer - SOIL THERMOMETER

by Taylor

Soil Thermometer - *Instant read thermometer with 1 inch dial and 5" pointed tip stem. 0º-220ºF range. *Stainless steel case and shatter proof plastic crystal. *Simple recalibration if necessary.




Taylor Bi-Therm Soil Thermometer

by Taylor

  • The unbreakable dirt thermometer
  • Displays the correct soil temperature
  • Accurate between 0-220 degree Fahrenheit
  • Teach kids about temperature
  • Made with stainless steel

Accurate readings from 0 - 220 degrees F, with big, bold 251 diameter scale. Durable, shock-proof stainless steel case, pointed 851 stem. Re-calibration adjustment nut.


Luster Leaf 1618 Rapitest Soil Thermometer

by Luster Leaf

  • Cased in corrosion-free aluminum
  • Reads both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • 6" long from end-to-end
  • Comes with guide for over 25 plants

The Rapitest Soil Thermometer is a must if you are planting seeds and want them to survive and grow.

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