Solutions For Grasshoppers

Control Grasshoppers With No Insecticides

Control grasshoppers by handpicking them or trapping them. To make a trap, combine one part molasses with ten parts water. Pour this solution in a jar and bury it in the soil to its rim, leaving the top open. The grasshoppers will dive into the sweet solution and drown.

Cheesecloth or Fleece -If grasshoppers are a serious problem in your yard, consider covering your young seedlings in spring with cheesecloth or fleece as soon as you plant them outdoors. These materials prevent grasshoppers from getting to the plant; in addition, grasshoppers simply don't like the shady conditions under these covers. Later in the season, as the plants get larger and become well established, remove the cover. Fleece is available in most independent garden centers.

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