Strategy For Dealing With Geese

As with deer, rabbits and other animal pests, there is no one technique or product that will keep geese away from your yard for all time. You need to think about bothering them enough to make them get fed up and just leave and not come back. Such an approach is workable, but takes some effort. Think about attacking all four of their survival senses at various times in your campaign. You will give them a bad taste in their mouth. You will scare them with unexpected noises. You will freighten them with unexpected movement, and you will cause something to touch them unexpectedly. You don’t have to use all the tactics at the same time, but you can’t depend on any one tactic to work for more than a week.

Remember, we are trying to wear them down. Every time they come into your yard for a whole month, something bad happens. Then they will put your yard on their bad list in their travel guidebook and leave you alone.

Visual, auditory, and touch scaring devices can be very effective in driving geese away. The trouble is, you need to use several types of devices and move them frequently over a period of time because the birds learn to ignore any single threat. Visual or auditory scare devices are best employed before the geese begin to lose their flight feathers and collect in molting flocks. This usually occurs in May. Once such a flock becomes established, the birds will just sit around for 4 to 6 weeks until their new flight feathers come in. You may need to check with your neighbors before using some of these devices

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