Strategy For Dealing With Pest Birds

Effective pest bird management depends on three prime factors: 1 - timing: control measures should be started at the first indication of damage. 2 - persistence: as long as nature's air force attacks, your yard and garden may be vulnerable. 3 - diversification: no single method is always satisfactory. Often various devices must be used in combination and their placement frequently shifted.
Think aggravation! You are not going to get rid of birds and in most cases we want birds to hang out in our yard in great numbers; as long as they don’t become a problem. So whether it is pigeons, starlings, or crows that you’ve tagged as a problem, use a number of different techniques to insult their various senses of taste, touch, sight and sound. By switching techniques every two weeks or so, you will aggravate them to move on to someone else’s yard.
Tip - Some people have remarked that they have supplied birds with water and this simple act has reduced the amount of damage to tomatoes. The birds are seeking water and they know a tomato has about 90 percent water. Other birds just like to eat fruit and that is a different problem.
Warning – Remember that we want lots of songbirds hanging around our yard all year long to help control pest insects. So be careful that your efforts to deal with problems with just one crowd of pest birds doesn’t harm the good guys at the same time.

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