TOTAL Vegetation Killer by Bonide

TOTAL Vegetation Killer by Bonide

TOTAL is an herbicide to be treated with great respect. It not only kills plants on contact, but it will prevent any more plants growing in that spot for up to a year. It is very powerful. It is designed to handle those pesky weeds that pop up in the cracks in the driveway or sidewalk. It can handle weeds that come up in a gravel driveway or parking area. This product comes as a concentrate and must be mixed with water according to the instructions on the label.

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If using the concentrate you will need a Hand Pump Sprayer. The job is more effective if you use a spreader sticker with the insecticide. After using an insecticide in a sprayer you may wish to use a commercial cleaner to make sure there is no residue for when you use the sprayer again, perhaps with a different pesticide.



Bonide 274 8 oz Stump-Out Stump & Vine Killer Concentrate

  • Controls woody plants and vines
  • Kills stumps and prevent sprouting
  • Concentrated formula
  • 1 quart
Now you can kill your vines and stumps without having to worry about doing damage to your desirable plants. With this concentrated formula, it keep stumps from re-sprouting after you have cut. Comes equipped with a brush top applicator that makes application of the product a breeze.



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