Use In Landscape

Using Hemlock in the Yard

Versatile Hemlocks are useful as individual specimen trees or in groups, as foundation plantings, screens, and notably as hedges if kept well pruned. Their many sizes and shapes fit any landscape design. Dwarf varieties are excellent for rock gardens and containers. Unfortunately, they are not recommended for landscape use in the East, because of their problems with woolly adelgid aphids. Spraying to protect them from this pest is costly and time consuming.

Hemlocks have been assets to residential yards. They support wildlife and their lovely soft textured, evergreen foliage is attractive in both summer and winter. The pendulous types add a sculptural element to the yard, especially obvious in the winter. However, since the wooly adelgid pest has infested these lovely trees in forests and residential yards throughout the East, they are no longer desirable as landscape plantings in that area.

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