Using Arborvitae

Use these small to medium sized trees for hedges, windbreaks, and screens and as a background for other plants. Not only are arborvitaes useful for foundation plantings near buildings, but they are lovely when clustered in groves. Arborvitaes grow well in containers that are at least 2 feet deep. Plant them in a loose and crumbly sterile soil mix which will drain well. If using soilless mix, add granular slow-acting fertilizer to it annually or remember to add dilute liquid fertilizer to the water periodically when you water them. Keep the soil moist.

Cutting/Displaying Indoors - Boughs or sprays of arborvitae foliage provide an attractive dark green element in flower arrangements. They are useful for Christmas holiday wreaths and as decorations in window boxes over the winter months. Arborvitaes that have been sheared closely for a hedge do not yield useful foliage for indoors.

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