Using Bittersweet

Twining vines require support, so they must be situated near low walls, trellises or fences. Do not allow bittersweet to grow on the side of a building or around a young tree which it may strangle as it grows. These vines are useful in the landscape to screen unattractive elements such as dead stumps, piles of rocks, anchor fences and similar features.

Harvesting and Drying Bittersweet: Both types of bittersweet are useful for indoor decorations in the fall after their leaves have dropped and their berries are on display. Unlike the berries of oriental bittersweet that crumble and disintegrate when they dry out, American bittersweet berries persist for years and can be reused for several seasons. Clip branches of bittersweet and bring them indoors to air dry. Incorporate them into dried wreaths and arrangements.

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