Using Compost

In simplest terms, compost improves the soil so that the plants growing in that soil will be healthier and more productive. Whether it is spread in a layer on the surface of the soil or is worked down into the soil by hand or with a digging tool or tiller, it serves primarily as a soil amendment. Compost is not a fertilizer, although it adds some nutrients to the soil. It is not a pH moderator like limestone, though it can (alter)the pH of the soil. Basically, it is humus, a component that "conditions" soil, improving its quality, texture, and structure so that it provides a more effective environment for plant roots that grow in it. While it directly improves the soil, it is, of course, indirectly improving plant quality of life.

Compost Forks

A compost fork is different from a digging fork in that it usually four or more tines.  It is a handy tool for moving compost around the property.


by Union Tools

  • 74156 FORK COMPOST
  • For transferring and aerating compost
  • 5 oval 12.5" long tines with a 9" head width
  • One-piece forged head
  • 36" hardwood handle with poly D-grip

5 forged oval tines tempered and pointed. Blue enameled head and chrome ferrule. Tines are 12'' L. x 8 3 4'' W. Blue poly D grip with a 36'' handle. Refer to model No. 736 for replacement handle.


If you want the very best:

Spear & Jackson Compost & Mulch Fork

by Spear & Jackson

  • 54" ash handle with a curved connection to the head
  • Basket shaped head with closely spaced tines
  • Ideal for handling mulch, wood chips, compost, leaves
  • Made By Spear & Jackson who have been making tools for 250 years
  • 10 year guarantee

Spear & Jackson is a English company who have been making garden tools for over 250 years. They are still the leading supplier of quality tools in the UK. The Mulch and Compost fork has a wide 10-tine scooping head that is used like a shovel to transfer and spread loose material such as mulch from one place to another. The 54"long shaft is made from long growth ash which is just under 1.5" thick. This makes the handle not only very strong but also easy to work with. Overall length is 65"

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