Using Creeping Cotoneaster

Creeping Cotoneasters are densely growing plants with arching stems and a mounded habit of growing. They are often perfect solution to an awkward bank in a yard. As a groundcover, these Cotoneasters are an excellent choice. Several staggered rows of plants 3 feet apart all along a slope will cover the area fairly quickly and will require little maintenance. Creeping Cotoneasters' dense growth makes them excellent "facer" plants, covering bare stems of taller shrubs, as well as low foundation plants.
Because of Creeping Cotoneasters' dense branching habit, they tend to collect leaves and other articles during the winter, especially if they are planted in an open, windy area. Rake out the debris in spring.

Cutting/Interior Display
Try cutting flowering or fruiting branches of cotoneaster to complement floral arrangements. Cut them early in the day with sharp pruners. Cut a slit in the ends of the stems and plunge them into warm water for an hour or two. Add about one half a can of some citrus flavored soda like Slice or 7Up to each quart of water in the container in which the branches are arranged. This will extend their indoor life.

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