Using Impatiens

Impatiens are very versatile. Decorate the shady areas of your yard with them. Use them to edge shrub borders, walks and patios. Plant them under trees as a living groundcover to protect their roots. They go well with other shade plants such as hosta.

Impatiens make excellent plants for container growing either by themselves or in combination with other annuals or interesting foliage plants such dusty miller, trailing vinca or ferns. Plant them in windowboxes, hanging baskets or planters to decorate the porch, pool or doorway. Water them often. If they get leggy pinch off 3 or 4 inches of each stem to renew the plant.

Cutting Impatiens: Not only do impatiens look lovely in the yard, but they add color and charm to indoor bouquets. Cut stems with newly opened blossoms early in the day and put them in water immediately. To help them stay fresh longer add commercial floral preservative or some citrus-based carbonated soda (non-diet) to the warm water in the vase. Display impatiens alone or in an arrangement with other flowers. For more information see the files on Keeping Cut Flowers and Cut Flower Supplies

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