Using Pine In The Landscape

Although many pines are quite tall in their native habitat, if carefully pruned they can be kept manageable for use as backdrops, windbreaks, screens, and hedges. If left to grow large they make an excellent show in groupings and as specimen trees. Use them to line wide driveways or along property boundaries.

Pines look lovely year round. The green backdrop of graceful needles set off colorful plantings during the growing season. In the winter they provide great beauty against darken snow laden skies. They even sound wonderful as the wind rustles their uppermost branches. Their fragrant boughs and interesting cones are ideal for holiday decorations and crafts.

Pines attract lots of wildlife. They provide good cover and nesting for finches, siskins, woodpeckers, chickadees, grosbeaks, nuthatches and warblers and good roosting for owls. Their cones are coveted by squirrels and other small mammals.

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