Wall O Water

Wall O Water Plant Protectors Rock!

We believe that Wall O Water is the most efficient way to keep plants protected from freezing weather because we have used them with great success.


 Wall O Waters enable gardeners to set out seedlings of  cold weather vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower 6 to 8 weeks before expected last frost.  In addition the WOW are terrific for helping get a head start with warm weather lovers such as tomatoes, peppers,  eggplant, cucumbers, squash, and other cold tender plants 6-8 weeks earlier than normal, without fear of freezing. Usually cold sensitive plants go into the garden two or three weeks after the last frost.  Calculate your 6 to 8 weeks back from that date.  Plants started with WOW will be healthier and can produce up to twice the fruit 30-40 days earlier. Protects down to 16º F. Each Wall O Water encircles an 18" diameter area. Lasts 3-5 years if stored carefully when not in use.

Four steps for proper use:

1.) Filling WOW with water.  This is a messy task if you don’t use the right technique.  We use a trigger nozzle that puts out water when you depress the trigger.  This allows you to insert the nozzle into a compartment of the WOW before you let the water flow.  IMPORTANT TRICK – Use a five gallon pail to support the empty WOW and fill every other compartment so you go around twice.  When you first set them up fill them only two thirds full and they will fold together at the top like a little teepee. This allows you to easily pick up the WOW and place it in the garden where you want it. 


2.) Set up your WOW at least one week before transplanting to warm the soil. This is very important. We all understand that if you transplant into cold soil you may easily stunt the plant's development. We recommend that you use small plants. Three to four inch plants usually have less trouble with transplant shock.  Leave the WOW in the teepee position night and day as long as the plant is small.  Keep an eye on whether a seedling in a WOW teepee needs watering; usually they don’t if the soil was moist at planting time.

3.) After several weeks the plants will start to push through the opening at the top. You can now completely fill the Wallo' Water and it will remain open, however spread the bottom out a bit so the WOW stays stable. Leave it open, night and day, until it is time to take it off.

4.) Keep them on as much as 30 - 45 days after the last normal frost date. Don't get in a hurry to take them off. They will never overheat the plant as long as you follow these steps. It is important to take advantage of the additional heat provided during this final month when you still have cool nights.




Overwintering seedlings in a WOW.  A friend in Utah with a short growing season has been successful with this trick.  In late fall start some cold weather plants such as broccoli, cabbage, or cauliflower so when you have your first frost the seedlings are only 3 or 4 inches tall.  You fill the WOW up just two/thirds so you have the closed teepee arrangement and plant your seedlings.  Surround each WOW with 3 inch layer of organic mulch.  The soil inside the WOW is not likely to freeze so you have to water these plants about once a month. 


The purpose of this exercise is to harvest broccoli or cabbage three weeks earlier than normal harvest time in the spring. 









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