Water Meters

The most common water meter measures the moisture level in the soil or pot to tell you whether the plant needs to be watered.  There are also meters to tell you how much water you are using as you use the garden hose to water the yard or garden.  Finally there are meters to measure the pressure of you water source which is important to know when you are setting up a drip irrigation system.

Luster Leaf 1820 Rapitest Soil Moisture Meter

by Luster Leaf

  • Luster Leaf informs you whenever your house plant, container plants, or garden plants needs to be watered
  • Includes chart to help you indicate how much water your plant needs to prevent overwatering
  • Meter provides accurate, easy to read results
  • Moisture probe is separate from meter so you can even monitor hanging plants
  • The handy flexible cord allows you to hold the meter while you insert the probe

Invaluable aid for maintaining correct moisture levels for healthy plant growth. Eliminates over or under watering. Use for all indoor plants, outdoor planters, hanging baskets, window boxes, and bedding plant areas. Molded case is impact resistant

Bond 9629 3-Way Garden Soil Meter (Moisture, Light, pH)

by Bond

  • Bond 3-way garden-soil meter is accurate and easy-to-use
  • Helps you control pH level in soil
  • Moisture meter is accurate and offers an easy way to quickly see moisture content of soil
  • Alerts when watering is needed
  • Instructions included; no batteries required

9629 Features: -Meter. -Accurate and easy way to measure moisture content of soil. -Lets you know when to water. -Helps you determine if plant is getting adequate light. -Helps you control PH level in soil. -Instructions included. -No batteries required.

Water Usage Meter

by Absolutely New

  • Maintain a tight grip on how much water you use
  • Attaches easily to outdoor garden hose
  • Displays in gallons or liters; auto shutoff feature
  • Reset button clears volume total, so you can keep track monthly or weekly
  • Plastic; 2 x 1 3/4 x 5 inches

Maintain a tight grip on how much water you use for car washing or garden watering. Attaches easily to outdoor garden hose. Displays in gallons or liters. Reset button clears volume total, so you can keep track monthly or weekly. Auto shutoff feature. Plastic 2 x 1 3/4 x 5."


Rain Bird P2A Water Pressure Gauge

by Rain Bird

  • Water pressure gauge
  • 3/4-Inch female hose thread adapter
  • Attaches to outside faucets
  • Returns will not be honored on this closeout item
  • Limit 1 per order

P2A Features: -Pressure gauge. -Pressure gauge for reading static water pressure at outside hose faucet. -0-160 PSI. -Carded.


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