Wax Begonia Choices

New Begonia Releases

New For 2004
Begonia F1 'Prelude Mix' Begonia semperflorens
Compact and exceptionally uniform 6- to 8-inch plants hold masses of .75- to 1-inch white, pink, rose, coral, scarlet and bicolor blooms above green foliage. Tremendous outdoor performer in mass planting or container. (Grown by Ball Seed Co.)

New For 2003
Begonia 'Fortune Orange Shades' This variety provides a range of color from dark, deep red-orange to a mid-range orange variegated with creamy white. The unique color is supported by the strength of the 'Fortune' series uniform compact habit and short flower stems for a most durable habit. (Daehnfeldt)

New For 2002
Begonia F1 'Dragon Wing™ Pink' - Outstanding heat tolerance and lush growth. Exceptional branching, vigor and flower power. Large pendulous flowers combine with glossy green leaves in a showy display. (PanAmerican)

Begonia F1 'Fortune Golden Shades' - Uniformity, a well-branched, compact habit and its prolific blooming make Fortune the choice tuberous begonia. Series of 12 colors plus a mix including new Apricot-Orange. (Dæhnfeldt)

Begonia F1 'Queen Pink' - The first seed-produced double flowering begonia series having consistently double blooms. Rose-like flowers are fully double. Performs well in all weather extremes with superior vigor and spreading

These Wax Begonia choices are recommended by Nancy Szerlag in her Annuals For Michigan by Lone Pine Press.

B. semperflorens (wax begonias) have pink, white, red or bicolored flowers and green, bronze, reddish or white-variegated foliage. The plants are 6–14" tall and 6–24" wide.

Plants in the ‘Ambassador’ series are heat tolerant and have dark green leaves and white, pink or red flowers.

‘Senator’ series plants are heat tolerant and have bronzed leaves and red, pink or white flowers.

'Cocktail' series plants are sun and heat tolerant and have bronzed leaves. The flower colors are ‘Brandy’ (soft pink flowers), ‘Gin’ (soft rose-pink flowers), ‘Rum’ (white flowers with a rose red band around the edge), ‘Vodka’ (bright scarlet flowers) and ‘Whiskey’ (pure white flowers). Compact, 6-to 8-inch plants

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