Weed Beater™ By Bonide

Weed Beater™ By Bonide
Broadleaved Lawn Weed Killer

Systemic action kills roots and all. Controls a broad range of noxious weeds in lawn..Contains Trimec®. One quart treats 8,000 sq. ft. Rainfast upon drying.

Weed Beater™ will kill most any broad leaved weed you will normally find in the turf of the home landscape (more than 200 weeds). Here are some examples;
Weeds Easy To Kill By Weed Beater
Bedstraw Black Medic Buckhorn
Chickweed Clover Dandelion
Knotweed Lambs Quarters Peppergrass
Plantain Purslane Ragweed
Shepherds purse Will Lettuce  

Hard To Kill Weeds May Take Two Applications
Chicory Dock Ground Ivy
Mallow Morning Glorly Oxalis
Pigweed Poison Ivy Poison Oak
Sheep Sorrel Speedwell Spurge
Wild Carrot Wild Onion Yarrow
A Stronger Version

Bonide 307 Weed Beater Ultra RTU

  • Ready to use ultra weed beater
  • Systemic broadleaf weed killer for lawn & turf
  • Effective on over 200 hard to kill weeds
  • Extends application window to early spring & to late fall

New chemistry that is especially effective on over 200 hard to kill weeds, right to the roots. Visible results in just 24 hours. Rainfast once dry. Reseed in just 2 weeks. Superior cool weather performance, down to 45 F, extends application window to earl

When To Use This Product
1. Spray during the growing season when weeds are actively growing.
2. On new lawns, wait until the grass has reached a height of 2 inches before making an overall spray treatment. However, a “spot-treatment” may be made at any time with a small pressure sprayer. Wait 3 weeks before seeding or plant stolons, plubs, or sprigs.
3. Poor weed control may result if spray is applied during drought or just before rain.
4. For best results, mow before treating.
5. Do not water lawn within 24 hours after treatment.

This product comes as a bottle of concentrate or as a bottle to be attached to a hose end sprayer.

If using the concentrate you will need a Hand Pump Sprayer. The job is more effective if you use a spreader sticker with the insecticide. After using an insecticide in a sprayer you may wish to use a commercial cleaner to make sure there is no residue for when you use the sprayer again, perhaps with a different pesticide.

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