Weed Beater™ Ultra by Bonide

Weed Beater™ Ultra

Weed Beater Ultra kills a wide range of broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, ground ivy, plantain, and grassey weeds such as crabgrass, nutgrass, goosegrass and many other weeds. It can be used safely on bluegrass, tall fescue, turf-type fescues, bermudagrass and zoysiagrass. One pint covers up to 5,445 sq. ft..



Weeds Controlled by Weed Beater Plus




















Black medic

Buckhorn Burdock Chicory
Chickweed Clovers Crabgrass
Dandelion Docks Goose grass
Ground ivy Henbit Knotweed
Lambs quarters Mallows Morning glory
Nutsedge Oxalis Pepper grass
Pigweeds Plantain Poison ivy
Poison oak Purslane Ragweed
Sandbur Sheep sorrel Shepherds purse
Speedwell Spurge Wild carrot
Wild garlic Wild lettuce Wild onion
Yarrow Yellow woodsorrel  

If using the concentrate you will need a Hand Pump Sprayer. The job is more effective if you use a spreader sticker with the insecticide. After using an insecticide in a sprayer you may wish to use a commercial cleaner to make sure there is no residue for when you use the sprayer again, perhaps with a different pesticide.

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