Weeds In The Flower Garden

While one man's weed might be another man's wildflower, in the minds of most homeowners, a plant that is not deliberately chosen to be an ornamental part of the landscape is a weed. Every homeowner has at one time or another battled such uninvited plants, usually settling for a standoff rather than total victory over weeds in the lawn, around shrubs or in flower and vegetable beds. In this file we will deal with weeds in flower beds and similar areas of the yard.
Success against weeds in the flower bed takes two steps, and because most of us never take the second step, we always have a weed problem somewhere on our property.

The first step is to get rid of existing weeds, which is what homeowners do routinely.

The second step is to actively take measures to prevent those weeds from coming back. Every weed in the yard can be prevented from returning if we take the prevention step. By taking the prevention step, homeowners can eliminate most weed problems in just two years.

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