Western Hemlock

Western Hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla)

The Western Hemlock is also known as the Pacific Hemlock or West Coast Hemlock. It is a tall, coniferous, evergreen tree with a straight trunk, down-swept branches and open, pyramidal crown with a nodding tip. Western Hemlock needs to grow in an area with a moisture laden atmosphere and cool summer temperatures which is why it is happy in the northwest U.S. Its shallow rooting system makes it susceptible to being blown over by wind as well as being damaged by fire. Its needles are all very short, but have distinctly different sizes on the same twig. They are yellow-green on top, and have two white bands on their undersides. The cones are egg-shaped and about 1 inch long. This tree is a good choice for hedges, screens, or background plantings. Its annual growth rate is 12 to 18 inches.The Western Hemlock is the state tree of the state of Washington.

Western Hemlock Choices

Thorsen's Weeping has a procumbent form that can be used as a ground cover.

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