When To Use A Blower/Vac

The blower function can substitute for vigorous raking, sweeping and even some shoveling. It can be used to blow away leaves, debris, even water that collects on paved areas such as patios, driveways and tennis courts. In winter it can be used to remove dry light snow from vehicles and walkways. While it can used to rake up leaves, it is easier to use the vacuum function to collect the leaves and you have the mulch at the same time.

Perhaps the greatest charm of this machine is when it’s in the vacuum mode. Many available models make quick work of fallen leaves, even heavy wet ones, and can suck them up from areas that are difficult or resistant to raking such as areas of ground covers or in amongst shrubs. Small twigs can also be disposed along with the leaves. Some models are even adept at harvesting debris from gravel beds, spitting back any gravel that’s collected without injuring the motor. As the leaves and twigs are sucked in, a blower/vac performs another useful job chopping that material and turning the material into a usable mulch. This reduces the total volume of debris you will have to dispose of, collects it neatly into an attached bag which can be easily transferred to a larger trash bag, and gives you a bounty of mulch to use on beds around your yard. This minced material will also decompose much faster in a compost pile, if you happen to have one. For more information about composting equipment Click Here

If you have big piles of leaves to process, the blower/vac can do the job, but the leaf shredders on the market are far more efficient for that task. For information see leaf shredders

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