African Marigold Getting Dark Grey Patches That Are Hard And Dry And Have Powdery Stuff On Them

Question From: R. K - Cumming, Georgia, United States
Q: my african marigold blooms in the front yard are getting these dark grey patches that seem like rotting but they are dry and hard and have some kind of powdery stuff on them..(like charred patch) the buds are getting them too like they have been charred. the leaves are fine , but the blooms and buds are having the problem. Please help. Organic remedy will be highly appreciated.

A: Sounds like powdery mildew to me. An OMRI listed product that I would use is ACTINOVATE. It works and powdery mildew and other garden diseases, of which you may have more than one. When watering, avoid wetting the leaves. I use a watering wand. Also, cut back on the fertilizer for a bit. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy