African Violet Leaves Turn Grayish-Brown On Tip And Then Become Limp And Soggy

Question From: J. Krueger - Canton, Michigan, United States
Q: this is a question re: indoor plants. (African violets) I have several african violets, and have them blooming quite often. I water (with African violet food) once a week.Why do some of the under/bottom leaves turn grayish-brown on the tip and then go limp/soggy. this only happens once in a while, and usually only one of the bottom leaves I just cut that leaf off. ??? Love your column.

A: I think you're overwatering your pretties. Also, the potting soil may be too heavy and lack the ability to drain. My friend, Lisa Steinkopf, the house plant guru. makes up her own soil with sphagnum peat and lots of perlite. Check her out on Facebook.  Best, Nancy