Ageratum Leaves Have Holes And Viola Blooms And Leaves Are Yellow

Question From: A. Middleton - INDIANA
Q: I just planted four ageratum's in my front yard as well as a few viola's (planted and in hanging pots) last week. Temperatures, sunlight and rain/watering have been appropriate levels. This morning I noticed holes in the leaves of all the ageratum and I have several yellowed blooms and leaves of the violas. I looked it up and it sounds like it may be a corn earworm. Does this sound correct and how to fight it? I read that the corn earworm will also munch on corn, summer and winter squash and tomatoes...all of which I will have in my garden very soon. Help!!


To my knowledge worms that feed on corn do not hatch out until corn is ready to feed on. I think you have slugs. A product called Sluggo used according to the package directions should do the job. Cut off the yellow leaves of the violas, They may be pouting. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.