Ajuga Plants Are Dying After Leaves Turn Brown

Question From: B. Hendel - Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, United States
Q: I had ajuga (bugle weed) growing in front of my house in the shade for years. Many years. It did beautifully. Last year it was attacked by some kind of fungus, I think. Leaves turned brown. Plants died. This spring I dug up all the surviving plants, trimmed off all the dead leaves & replanted what remained. Now some are again doing beautifully but one end of the patch is starting to die all over again. What should I do? I love these plants & am very sad about this. Thank you.

A: Dig the dying plant out and send samples in to your local analytical lab at Penn State for an accurate diagnosis - http://agsci.psu.edu/aasl . Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy