Ajuga Plants Develop Dry Brown Spots And Flowers Rot And Fall Over

Question From: Miami, Florida, United States
Q: My ajuga in rainy Mexico has developed dry brown spots which eventually kill the plant causing empty spots in the groundcover. Flowers rot and fall over. I have sprayed with benomyl which has slowed the progression of the problem but not cured it. What would I have and is there a chemical cure? I plan to inoculate with B. subtilis mixed with Trichoderma harzianum-22; how long should I wait after benomyl application to spray with the botanicals? I'm entering a false zip code as your site will not process my foreign code.

A: I can't answer your question as I am not familiar with this product. Variables include weather, soil, application amounts etc. I recommend you contact the manufacturer. Benomyl is bad stuff as it is toxic to many beneficial soil organisms including earthworms. Google Benomyl for more information. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy