Ajuga Plants Have Suddenly Disappeared

Question From: Pensacola, Florida, United States
Q: I planted a 25' x 25' area with ajuga, hoping to get a start on having this favorite ground cover take over the back corner or our property. After several weeks of careful watering, it was taking hold, nicely. All of a sudden, most of the plants have disappeared. Noticed an increase in the squirrel population in our yard (from the four or five that we usually see to a dozen or more). Could they have eaten the plants? If not, do you have any thoughts?

A: Slugs are most likely the culprits. Go out at night with a flashlight and look for them. They are a shelless snail. They start out small, the size of a head of a straight pin and grow to an inch or longer. If you find them use a product that contains iron phosphate, such as Sluggo. It's safe for use around kids, animals and other living things. Good luck and happy Yardening, Best Nancy