American Linden Basswood Tree Leaves Are Browning Out Of Season And Is Dropping Green Pods

Question From: B. Cosgrove - Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Q: Our well established American Linden (Basswood) tree has large browned leafs falling off it from the top primarily, and so far we've seen few of the many, many small, ball-bearing-like green pods falling from it this fall. Is there a problem with this beautiful tree?

A: Anytime you have leaves browning out of season you have a problem. If it were my tree I would get an onsite inspection from a certified arborist, a trained tree doctor. To find one in your area call 800-733-2622 or online at Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy-

Q: Thanks for your reply. So these leaves are browning and falling out of season? The Edina forester, Tom Horwrath, didn’t say anything about that and didn’t seem worried about the tree. Check it for growth and buds in the spring, he said.

A: I am not a trained tree doctor. I call an arborist and get an onsite inspection when my trees look like they have problems. If the* Edina forester, Tom Horwrath *looked at the tree and said wait till spring I would take his advice. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.