Arborvitae And Other Nearby Trees Are Turning Brown From Bottom Up

Question From: Westerville, Ohio, United States
Q: Hi Nancy, Central Ohio area arborvitae have been around for 20 years and even survived a move 15 years ago. If it rains this spot gets plenty of water since the other yards drain around the area. The arborvitae are higher so it is not a soaked area which is 5- feet away where the water drains the worst. In May when we got back from Florida the first one on the east side was brown. A month later the second brown within three days and died. Now, a month later after my week being gone I am noticing the third in the grouping just starting to brown bottom up. Also, 50 feet to the west is a 24 year old browning. And three planted 6 years ago just 15 feet northwest are just starting to show the signs on the bottom. The neighbors junipers planted 5 years ago I have noticed are turning brown bottom up too. Since we have been gone a week I checked the potted plants and the dirt is most not soaked so it cannot be a drought since we had regular rains on and off this summer. Help tonight. thank you. Fran

A: I do not have a crystal ball. If they were my shrubs I would get and onsite inspection from a professional. To find one in your area go to FYI, evergreens do not die suddenly. Drought and winter damage from two years ago will rear it's ugly head. A regular source of moisture is key to the health of trees. Do it. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy