Arborvitae Leaves Turning Brown And Golden

Question From: p. carroll - OHIO
Q: I just purchased 40 Arborvitaes. They have been in the ground for two weeks and everything was going well until I went out of town for two days and they were not well watered. Some of the leaves have turned brown and golden color. One shrub has a couple of black spots on the end of the leaves. When I returned home I began watering them with the soaker hose for one to two hours daily and individually watering each plant for two minutes daily. I spread them with mircle gro and planted fertilizer stakes. It's been four days and there hasn't been much change, and some of the brown leaves have spread to other shrubs. My house has a bad drainage problem, and there mostly rocks underneath it was a nightmare to plant the trees.


Fertilizing with Miracle Gro and plant stakes was a big mistake. These products have high salt contents and can burn the roots of the plants. Newly planted shrubs should not be fertilized the first year. You need the advice of a professional. I suggest you get an onsite inspection from a tree doctor - a certified arborist. Cost is under a hundred dollars and may save your investment. Check this website to find one near you:

. Best and Good Luck, Nancy