Arborvitae Turning Yellow

Question From: NEW JERSEY
Q: Dear Nancy, Three years ago I planted tiny arborvitae along a sunny wall outside my home. For three years they grew evenly and well. All six shrubs were deep green. This summer, they are gradually turning yellow, all of them, in an ascending order... I thought not enough water, but discovered that in heavy rain, they may be getting TOO MUCH water from a damaged drain spout. If I solve this problem, can they recover? How would I tell if they were getting too much OR to little water? This change has come on in a period of several months, which is adding to my worry. THANKS for any information you can share.

A: If these were my shrubs I would get an on-site inspection from a professional, a certified arborist. To find on in your area go to and enter your zip code. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.